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Artelac Nighttime Gel


Chronic tear dysfunction can cause dry, gritty, itchy and irritated eyes. Artelac Nighttime Gel has been specially formulated to provide extra protection and relief during the night.3‐5 Like the rest of the Artelac range it has the same pH as natural tears, and is specially formulated to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

Use Artelac Nighttime Gel at night in combination with Artelac Rebalance during the day to provide a 24 hour
dry eye solution.

Dry eye is caused by an imbalance in the tear film;4 the tear film provides nutrients to your eye, protects it from drying out, helps flush out bacteria as well as keeping your vision clear.5‐7 The components of Artelac Nighttime Gel work like natural tears to seal in moisture for lasting relief.2

Artelac Nighttime Gel is a preserved gel solution available in 10‐g tubes.
Use 1 – 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Artelac Nighttime Gel seals moisture into the eye with its special 3‐layer formulation:
    • use at night for extra protection
    • same pH as natural tears
    • part of a 24 hour dry eye solution when used in combination with Artelac Rebalance
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