A female doctor explains a procedure to a patient
A female doctor explains a procedure to a patient


Bausch + Lomb are proud to market products that aim to help patients maintain their sight for as long as possible. These products are only available via prescription issued by a healthcare professional.

Should any patients be worried about their eyes, they should speak to their healthcare professional.

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What is Glaucoma?

The most prevalent type of glaucoma is known as primary open-angle glaucoma, characterised by a gradual onset that spans several years. It results from the gradual blockage of drainage channels within the eye.1

It is not feasible to restore any vision loss that transpired before the glaucoma diagnosis, but treatment can prevent further vision deterioration.

Treatment options include:

  • Eye drops to lower eye pressure.
  • Laser therapy to open obstructed drainage channels or reduce fluid production in the eyes.
  • Surgical interventions aimed at enhancing fluid drainage.


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